Transparent Man


I don’t need a culture, gender, nation, or a religion. I’m so transparent
that even Dr. Jekyll can’t hide; No artificial anything, Nothing fake,
Because who really cares? Are you not aware? They’re all running scared,
trying to gain comfort in the depths of their fears. So why should I try? And       for whom? I have no interest in that doom. To those who feel me, it is good. Otherwise, I don’t want no mess. I love my light, and my Blackness. dwp


Love and playfulness are for the few.
They are uninhibited spirited creatures,
For myself and you. We do not keep love,
Nor our relationship to it. Rather…
It keeps us; healthy, wholesome, and fit.
I surrender to nourishing my beloved,
And us. But when I’m unable, it hurts.
It hurts her, it hurts love, and it hurts me.

dwp 2015