Not in the Mood

I know how important it is to celebrate fatherhood, I just hung up with my dad of 91 years, whom I love and admire, but I am having a difficult time feeling happy today because there are in excess of 2000 children who are being torn away from their parents at the southern border of this country. These families are not criminals, they are seeking asylum. They have traveled thousands of miles to get here, only to be traumatized by this governments ugliest policy yet, separating children aged 2-17 from their parents and trying to use biblical scripture to justify it. What kind of people are these? And where are all the Evangelical Christians now? They are the ones always preaching about Pro Life; Well, these are lives, so where are they? It is the most disgraceful and despicable injustice I’ve ever seen. No, I can not be in the mood to celebrate. I am in Pain. I’m hurting. America has a devil for a president. He is demonic and truly evil. It is not even that he has low morals, he is amoral. He has no moral compass, or character. This man is trying to bring us back to the dark ages, where he lives. Do you realize that?

The only shining star in this is that we now have political history on him. So even though his donkeys believe anything their master says, they are becoming less relevant now. The people are tired of this government, it’s corruption, and lies…even those who voted them in. He is so transparent now. trump is a huge disappointment and failure & even the deaf dumb and fearful can see it.

So please people, celebrate all the good fathers today, but remember to also think about those warehouses full of precious children in dire need, without their moms and dads to hug, or help them. dwp

Off To Jail

Well well…The ex-trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s bail was just revoked by the district court judge, so they are taking off his $5000 dollar suit replacing it with a bright orange jumpsuit, and handcuffs. trump insists that Manafort had “very little or nothing”  to do with his campaign, even though he was running it for two months until he had to quit because there was too much heat on him. Anyway, they are taking Paulie boy off to jail now, and I’m lovin’ it! Can’t you just hear the fat lady getting ready to sing!! LOL dwp

The Success of Death

I was talking to my daughter yesterday after the tragic and surprising death of Kate Spade, about how so many people in the public eye look like the picture of joy and happiness, but so often aren’t, for one reason or another. Life is full of lots of challenges but there is one thing that is for sure, and that is that fame and fortune does not solve them. People constantly make the mistake of thinking that money makes problems go away, but it never has and it never will. Money is problematic. It is only good if you know how to control it. Once money is in control of you, which it seeks to do, it takes your life over. And when that happens, it is actually much better not to have it. That’s why Howard Hughes renounced all his money, and tried to live like a pauper and a recluse. He was smart enough to try to get back to some semblance of sanity. Anthony Bourdain just committed suicide today. And we find ourselves once again asking what wasn’t to love about his life? traveling all around the world from one country to another eating gourmet food, meeting wonderful people? But we never know what’s really going on in the deepest corners of peoples hearts. And that’s why we should always try to touch others in a sincere and loving way…because you might just be saving their life. dwp

Homeless, Not Hopeless

There is a photographer working in and around Los Angeles who is taking pictures of the homeless. He is taking black & white photos only, for effect, and to give attention to the kind of country this is, that is the richest most powerful country on the planet, and yet, we have tens of thousands of people who cannot afford to feed themselves, or have a place where they can call home. This man is highlighting through his photography the fact that America, as rich as it might seem now, is quickly in decline. Any country that is not dedicated and devoted to its peoples’ basic most needs, is heading straight for the sewer, and it should wind up there too. I always try to help the poor and homeless, not because I feel obligated to, or because I’d feel guilty if I didn’t it’s because I am them. And that’s what I identified with when I saw this wonderful mans story on the news. When he was asked, what is the motive of this very special work of yours? He said: “It’s to remind people that the poor and the homeless are still people.” His words brought tears to my eyes, because it seems that more and more these days some people are trying to forget that. But it is not only the poor & homeless, it is the sick, the weary, the heavy, etc. In spite of the efforts of the idiots to divide us and push us towards hatred, we must remember that we are all one, and that our highest spirit is the spirit of love. dwp.

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The Beginning of the End

I reject Donald Trump. I cannot, will not, and do not accept him as my president. I reject his racist language and behavior. I view him as a disgusting, repulsive immoral insect…not capable of leading America. He is a bigot, and a pathetic excuse as a commander. Trump is morally bankrupt, just an empty suit. He has not, and will not achieve anything good. And he is not going to change. It is time for Americans, and the people of this world to call for his impeachment. He is a very sick man. He is not only unfit, he is unworthy. I am calling on our co-leaders in the Senate and Congress to publicly denounce Trump by name; not White Supremacy, not the KKK, and not Neo-Nazism. We all already know what’s wrong with them. They need to denounce Trump for what he has now become: the White Supremacist-in-Chief. It is time for Americans to unite around the reality of this very serious situation. We are in this thing together. All we have now is each other. We must come together, and rally against this hatred, and violent propaganda. If you voted for Trump, you were tricked. This should be obvious to you by now, but we can correct the mistake by coming together. If we stand together, we will be victorious. We can no longer sit by idly and allow him to walk us off the cliff. Trump is a cancer. He is a poison that must be stopped NOW. People have died! How many more have to? History is happening; what will you tell your children? 

We must stand up, and speak up, for Heather Heyer; a brave courageous woman who gave her life for what she believed in. Heather was murdered by White Supremacists. She was killed by a Nazi for exercising her 1st. Amendment right, her voice; as this sick, disgraceful, racist pig of a president has yet to even mention her name…while he passionately and boisterously supports & defends White Supremacy. It’s so outrageous and shameful; Please help we the people combat racism, sexism, and fascism.

I am calling on each and every one of you to get up, and speak up…to stop all this pain and suffering via this insanely dangerous Trump regime. dwp


Happiness is the essential idea of life, mainly and mostly because it feels so much better than being unhappy, therefore if a person is unhappy for some reason, it seems logical to simply continue on the path, in the direction of happiness, until it arrives. This way not only do you not suffocate from being miserable, but all of the avenues to happiness remain completely open. You do not have to lie, live in denial, or play games like hide and seek. Just that little bit of freedom is in itself enough to bring happiness. Fear is the worst reason in the world to be unhappy, because you can be as unhappy as you’d like without being fearful at all. They do not require each other, but they are very often accompanied by one another. Fear eliminates happiness, and happiness eliminates fear. One’s fate or fortune is decided by one’s style! dwp

The Truth About Honesty

Honesty is an expression that a person wants you to believes is the truth, which doesn’t mean that it’s honest, or true. If I said “I like living by the sea because of it’s tranquility” this is an expression that’s based on preference, my own experience. It is just the way I feel. it is not factual. And there is no way for me to know how anybody else would feel about it. Honesty is not a fact, it is just a communication. It can be something that feels close to your heart, or an experience that speaks to you. Honesty can be very arousing, because it has a way of tickling people in many different ways, that mostly depends on what a person is willing to hear. If a person has spiritual needs, then they will listen to spiritual honesty. If a person has relationship needs, then they will listen to love honesty. And if a person is filled with anger or bitterness, then they will cater to that honesty. But do not make the mistake of thinking that honesty means factual. A person’s honesty can be factual, but facts actually have very little to do with feelings. Facts have to do with knowledge and mechanics, which is why people who are attracted to facts always have very mechanical brains. Feelings are emotive and much like honesty, they are only true to the degree that they feel real. If a person is sincere about honestly loving you today, it does not guarantee that he or she will honestly love you tomorrow. Feelings can change, they can start to feel unreal, or unsatisfactory, at which time the “honesty” of the experience changes. Honesty is dependent on where a person is at any given time, which is why it isn’t as deceptive as some people think. If your feelings can change, your honesty can change. Honesty is not something that is set in stone, it is like a river or a tree…it moves, it feels. If you are happy now, then your honesty will be happy now. But if you become sad, then your honesty will also be sad. A person’s honesty is an extension of their own reality. dwp