It has always been curious to me why people give so much of their time and energy trying to avoid pain, when it’s just another fact of life. There is actually nothing to do about pain, which is why it’s so stupid to take pain killers, because pain killers will eventually create a worse pain than the pain you were in, if they don’t kill you first. The truth is that pain is simply a reality, much like pleasure. It always has been. And in the same way that we’d like to keep pleasure in our lives, we must try to do the same with pain, because it is not going away. It is not going to leave us alone, no matter how much we disapprove of it. As contradictory as it might sound, the sooner we come to terms with pain, the sooner our pain will diminish. dwp

Racist Roseanne

In response to Roseanne lowering her Barr, making a very disgusting racist comment which got her #1 rated show immediately cancelled, she tried to blame it on the sleeping pill Ambien. The company that makes the tablet responded to her statement by saying “While all pharmaceuticals have some kind of side effect, racism is not one of them.”



Floods of Love

 Isn’t it interesting that it takes something like a natural disaster for people to suddenly become blind to race, religion, sexual origin, and nationality. It saddens me greatly to view the tragedy still going on in Texas, but it’s also beautiful in a way to see all the different people in unity, as just Americans. Nobody is concerned with anybody’s political affiliation, they are in prayer. Nobody is talking or thinking about who’s marrying who, who’s having sex with who, or who’s serving in our military. The only thing that people are concerned with is survival. In the midst of great pain and misfortune due to catastrophic disasters, we all find a way to step up, and become equalized. We are able to become neighbors when all our borders disappear. I just think it’s so sad that this is what it takes for people to realize that we aren’t divided at all, that we’re all just one people who are fighting the same fight, struggling with the same struggles; trying to stay happy healthy and in the spirit of love, in this wonder-filled ever-changing world, together. dwp


I have realized recently that I am much less tolerant of dunce-like stupidity and mindless behavior than I have been previously, especially with respect to friendships. I mean, there was a time when such things didn’t matter so much to me because I was busy with more important matters. But at this stage of my life, I care. I don’t have the time, energy,  or inclination for people who don’t value my friendship and love. And I actually do not have to say “my” because I don’t believe that these people are selective. In other words, I do not think that it’s only me, or anybody, who have such experiences with such people. Today  I wrote a long letter to a long time friend to say goodbye, not so much because he did me wrong, but because he wasn’t even aware that he did, or because he thought I was so stupid that I wouldn’t understand what he did. People naturally make mistakes now and then, and they should be given the benefit of the doubt when they do, providing that they acknowledge the mistake they made, and in so doing, apologize appropriately. But when a friend doesn’t do any of the above, how much of a friend can he or she be? I mean, really. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t want, need, or have any interest in people who do not feel loving, trustworthy, and friendly to me. It’s as plain & simple as that. dwp

Sign of the Times

I have seen people while on the road, some who have evolved with life and grown beautifully, and others who are still doing exactly what they were 20 plus years ago. I have tried to figure it out, but for the life of me I just cannot comprehend how people can do the same exact thing day in and day out for ever and ever. I can’t understand WHY anybody would want to do the same exact thing day in and day out, when there’s so many things to do, so many things to see & read & experience, and fall in love with; there are so many countries, oceans, and mountains to climb. Oh well, I guess it’s just me…dwp