A Question of Love

Somebody asked: Can you make a person love you? My response was: Of course you can. It is as easy as making a person hate you. Neither one requires great skill. If a person wants to be attractive to others, all they have to do is stop being unattractive. People have a tendency to attract those who are easy to love. And similarly feel disenchanted by those who aren’t. But with respect to the result of how others will respond to you, it is pretty much directly related to you, yes first Person. First person means that you have an awful lot to do with how things happen with you. If you are kind, thoughtful & loving to others, chances are good that you’ll be received in a similar manner. If you are sincere, it is probable that others will also be sincere. If you are a cheater, then you will be cheated. If you are a liar, then you will be lied to. If you are a lover, the world will love you. In other words, it is not about the other, it is about you. We determine our fate. If we want our energy to be one that is loving, then somebody has to initiate that love. We must clear away everything else, and set the stage for that love. If there is anybody that is against it, or anything that has the intent to poison it, then it must be eliminated because love is much too fragile a flower. And it happens this way with hatred also, even though it isn’t nearly as delicate. If it is what you give your energy to, then it will be what you’ll have in your world. That’s why if it’s love you wish to reap, then it should be love that you sow. If you choose however, to reap hatred instead, then you will have to energize other things. It not to be judgmental, it is simply to understand that we are the captains of our own ships, and as such, we are responsible to make every decision about every ocean that we are going to travel. dwp

One thought on “A Question of Love

  1. Robert Schenck

    Beautiful insight into the truth that each of us have the power to chose love and that as we sew so we reap. 2019 is almost here wouldn’t it be wonderful if we chose to make it a loving year?

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