For love of Country, and Not

John McCain said “I fell in love with my country when I was a prisoner in someone else’s.” And I think that’s sweet, even though my experience was a little different. Things didn’t happen that way for me. When I left my country, I fell out of love, most notably when I realized two things: 1) That it wasn’t my country, and 2) That it didn’t love me.

But I do respect those who have served this country patriotically, and I just think it is the epitome of pettiness for the White House flag to be flying at full mass today. Every other flag in Washington is at half mass this week in honor of John McCain. It is just beyond my comprehension how infantile and pathetic this so-called president is. That’s why it is not curious why he is not invited to Sen. McCain’s funeral. Steve Schmidt said: “trump doesn’t even qualify to speak John McCain’s name” and I totally agree with him. dwp

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