John McCain

In 2008 when Sen. John McCain was running for president, he was at a small rally where a woman took the microphone and called then Sen. Obama, his opponent, an Arab and a bad man. John McCain quickly took the mic from her, defending Barack Obama as an honorable American and a decent man. I always liked John McCain, and respected his profound service to America, but when he did that, I realized the integrity of that man’s heart. John McCain probably made what will prove to be his last decision today, But I wanted to thank him before he leaves. It’s so rare to see politicians of his stature these days. You see, it is not what a person’s political affiliation is, it is how honorable they are at it. John McCain lived his entire life honorably, in the service of his country, and humankind. And for that, I send this message of gratitude and appreciation to him. dwp

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