The Success of Death

I was talking to my daughter yesterday after the tragic and surprising death of Kate Spade, about how so many people in the public eye look like the picture of joy and happiness, but so often aren’t, for one reason or another. Life is full of lots of challenges but there is one thing that is for sure, and that is that fame and fortune does not solve them. People constantly make the mistake of thinking that money makes problems go away, but it never has and it never will. Money is problematic. It is only good if you know how to control it. Once money is in control of you, which it seeks to do, it takes your life over. And when that happens, it is actually much better not to have it. That’s why Howard Hughes renounced all his money, and tried to live like a pauper and a recluse. He was smart enough to try to get back to some semblance of sanity. Anthony Bourdain just committed suicide today. And we find ourselves once again asking what wasn’t to love about his life? traveling all around the world from one country to another eating gourmet food, meeting wonderful people? But we never know what’s really going on in the deepest corners of peoples hearts. And that’s why we should always try to touch others in a sincere and loving way…because you might just be saving their life. dwp

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