Homeless, Not Hopeless

There is a photographer working in and around Los Angeles who is taking pictures of the homeless. He is taking black & white photos only, for effect, and to give attention to the kind of country this is, that is the richest most powerful country on the planet, and yet, we have tens of thousands of people who cannot afford to feed themselves, or have a place where they can call home. This man is highlighting through his photography the fact that America, as rich as it might seem now, is quickly in decline. Any country that is not dedicated and devoted to its peoples’ basic most needs, is heading straight for the sewer, and it should wind up there too. I always try to help the poor and homeless, not because I feel obligated to, or because I’d feel guilty if I didn’t it’s because I am them. And that’s what I identified with when I saw this wonderful mans story on the news. When he was asked, what is the motive of this very special work of yours? He said: “It’s to remind people that the poor and the homeless are still people.” His words brought tears to my eyes, because it seems that more and more these days some people are trying to forget that. But it is not only the poor & homeless, it is the sick, the weary, the heavy, etc. In spite of the efforts of the idiots to divide us and push us towards hatred, we must remember that we are all one, and that our highest spirit is the spirit of love. dwp.

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One thought on “Homeless, Not Hopeless

  1. Robert D.Schenck

    The work of the artist photographer and words of yours are deeply meaningful and touch the soul; when you say “they are us.” you say the truth and the truth heard can lead to the love which is the way to solving all human problems.

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