Being Found

The challenge of love is not only to find it, it is to understand the power of it’s magic. Any fool can find something, but not everybody will know how to love what they find. Just because a person is able to pick a beautiful flower does not mean a person will be able to love that flower. Finding somebody is easy. The challenge is understanding the power & mystique of love, and all the seemingly crazy little nooks and crannies that turn you on, and make you feel all warm and cuddly inside. As wonderful as these feelings are, they actually have very little to do with finding anything or anybody; Love has to do with how you dance, the way you sing your song, and how when you’re in flight, you spread your wings. The challenge of life is not to find anything, it’s to discover the spirit of love that’s already inside you, because that’s when the magic happens. That’s how the love flower becomes fragrant. Then there is nothing to seek, or find. You are beautiful, and found too! dwp

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