Three Statistics…

I just heard three fascinating statistics about last night’s victory: it was not that Hillary’s people did not come out to vote for her, it was that there was three groups that came out in droves for Trump who were not expected to. He was expected to reel in poor White people, because they seemed to be his greatest, perhaps only sub-group. Then all of a sudden educated White people jumped into his column, which was surprising because one would’ve expected their “education” to know better. But the truly jaw-dropping fake out was when tons of uneducated White women starting coming out of the woodwork. That’s right, millions of uneducated White women came out to vote for Trump. Now, I totally understand the people who were uneducated because they are justifiably stupid. And I even get the poor people, because poverty can make people do idiotic, or questionable things. But how women could come out in droves after hearing a pig like Trump say in his own voice: “you can just grab them by the pussy” is beyond me. And that’s only one of many derogatory things he has said about women. And these women came out to vote for him? Were they so afraid of a powerful, educated, articulate, experienced, able woman? Are American women still that catty, that they are more comfortable with an ass like Trump, than their own gender??? dwp

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