Election Night 2016

I, like all the political pundits, media folk, news outlets, Washington watchers both aisles of politicians, and probably the Trump campaign, were all wrong. I do not believe that America has spoken, I think that fear and ignorance has and as a result we now have a president who has no political experience, no real knowledge of the world, the lowest content of character imaginable and an immensely questionable background, due to his secretive nondisclosure. This is what America voted for. They closed their eyes & turned their backs not only on a person with 30 years of political experience, but on sensibility; on a person who wanted to heal the worlds wounds, who wanted to bring us together, and put a stop to what separates us. Americans turned their backs on their hearts, and elected their fears…as frightened people often do when they are unfamiliar with taking the highroad. But it’s ok, the people are going to see now what they sold out, as well as what they bargained for…and I am ok with that. I’m a man who has made lots of bad decisions myself, and was left to learn from them, and did. People make mistakes. And in my opinion, a grave one was made last night by millions and millions of people. I have faith that they will now learn just how unfit & unprepared Trump is. They are soon going to understand what so many people said (republicans included) when this was said. But it’s ok with me, because I believe in acceptance. I believe in the human spirit. I believe in toughing things out, and survival. Life does not always deal us as we’d like. We do not always get what we want. But I’m of the thinking that many Americans got what they wanted last night, and I must accept that. That’s something we must all live with. Nothing is over. It is simply a different day. It is a time that we will adjust to just like all the rest. 

There is one very deep sentiment that I must include here however, and that is the breaking of my heart for Ms. Hillary. While I do not believe she was the most ideal candidate, she was and is, my champion. As far as I’m concerned she was the candidate of trust, and it so saddens me that they sold her out on that. She believed in America and Americans, not for the sake of her ego, but because her heart was in her service for four decades. But that was not good enough for Americans; they were so afraid, so foolish & so fooled, that they walked themselves into a potential nightmare of titanic proportions. No, I am not concerned. In fact, I am happy. I am happy because all the fools are going to get what they are today feeling joyous about. I believe in the kind of perfection that says “what must be, must be”. So I am ok. But my heart is so broken for Hillary, there are just no words. I wish I could give her a hug. dwp

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