Behind Every Dark Cloud…

The more I meditate on what happened last night, I am not so upset about Trump being elected…he was, after all, a Democrat until just a year ago… what is so troubling to me is the decline of human and humane awareness. In this age where our world is so in need of love, compassion, togetherness and understanding, the majority elect a man who promotes anger & hatred. And they are celebrating it. They are proud of it. It reminds me of the days when I was in Rome sitting down at the Coliseum thinking about the times when folks used to sit there and cheer as people ran around the place after being beheaded. They enjoyed this. They thought it was funny, and laughed until the night fell. The reality of what was happening never dawned on them It was just entertainment. This is how I feel about Trump being elected. The people who are celebrating today do not yet realize what they’ve just done.

But I want all my friends here, and around the world, to know that we will all be ok. We are going to survive this. And we will be stronger as a result of it.

Ultimately though, my heart goes out to women. And to all the precious little girls who were so excited about having Americas first woman president. Yes, we are feeling devastated and terribly disappointed today, but fear not. She is on the way. That glass ceiling is going to come down. It’s inevitable. So it is ok. We are crying today because it is a tremendously sad day for those of us who know that it is, but remember…that behind every dark cloud, there is a brighter silver lining, because the sun is always shining somewhere. dwp

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