Calling The Apple Red

People tend to think that the discussion of racial disparity is one that needs to be had in America, but haven’t you noticed? The more they delve into the dilemma of racism, the more it generates anger. People are becoming more and more enraged; infuriated, dangerous, and explosive. You can see clearly that some people are outright losing their minds; not thinking correctly. The problem is not getting better, it’s getting worse. The so called “discussion” that we’re supposed to be having is fueling the beginning of a war, rather than one of peace. Race is an awfully difficult thing to talk about because nobody really wants to deal with the dynamics of it honestly. And everybody is especially troubled by the notion that they too could very well be a racist. Yes, I also think the discussion is an important one, but I think it is more important to look into ourselves to see what’s lurking there…not on the periphery, but into how you feel, your thoughts, and your deepest fears. Discussions are good, but people must realize why the discussion is needed, because without that awareness, there is no point. If a person doesn’t understand his or her racism, there is no way to address it. And that’s the problem of today. Nobody wants to be a racist, so nobody can discuss it. The topic is too sensitive. People are too fragile. The dishonesty and denial are too great. So here we are…stuck in a world of a pathological trajectory leading us from both ourselves, and each other. dwp

One thought on “Calling The Apple Red

  1. Robert D.Schenck

    Brilliant and true. It’s like argueing about wether we really exist or don’t exist; if you’re argueing wether you’re racist or not then you don’t know; when you know racisism drops, disappears, as if it never existed; then we’re all simply human and there is nothing else to say, not another word.

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