Girl Power

There’s nothing wrong with feminine power, but the more women focus on what is today called “girl power” the more animosity they create; because it puts those who aren’t girls at odds with the movement. The purpose of any revolution is to include as many people as possible on the road to freedom and justice. Progress is inclusivity. Progress understands the adversary, and makes the effort to befriend them. They get that there is only one game and to play it, people must co-exist. The term “girl power” implies that a female gets to be powerful simply by being herself, which is ridiculous. In fact, it is just as ridiculous as the age old male belief. The truth of the matter is that power is not determined in this way. it is not a gender thing. Genders are not powerful, they are just incidental. You did not have anything to do with what gender you would be, so to act like you are privileged just because you are a male or female makes you a meathead. Exclusivity is antagonistic. And just because men have been guilty of this crime since the beginning of time, it is not a good reason for women to join the stupid club. Separatism is not the way. Women will not live harmoniously with men if they are trying to be more powerful, because if somebody is more than somebody must be less. The whole concept of power is based on powerlessness, because how can you be powerful if everybody else is? The very idea of “girl power” suggests that she is exercising her power over somebody, which obviously is no better an arrangement than the one that men have historically offered to women. Real power does not need to dominate, or overpower. It is content. It is beautiful to possess power if you do, but it is not beautiful to base an identity on the mere image of it. dwp

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