Quiet Dance

Music is to the ear what poetry is to the soul; they are majestic. You cannot simply hear the melody, you must feel the euphoria. The purpose of poetry is not to read, but to discover what’s inside that can move you to tears. It is not what you are doing with your body, it is what your body is doing without you. Life is a dancing energy in you that exits through you, but by something much greater than you. That’s why it’s so beautiful to watch folks disappear in their dance; the poem is there, but not the poet. And that’s all that’s really needed. If you love to dance, you can do so with or without music…and also to your heart’s content. The stiffs may think you’re mad, and call the asylum because the people who can’t hear the music always think the dancers are insane but it isn’t true. You are the magic, and godliness; a vibrating spirit amid celestial skies, dancing to every melody whispering in the wind. dwp

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