The Truth About Honesty

Honesty is an expression that a person wants you to believes is the truth, which doesn’t mean that it’s honest, or true. If I said “I like living by the sea because of it’s tranquility” this is an expression that’s based on preference, my own experience. It is just the way I feel. it is not factual. And there is no way for me to know how anybody else would feel about it. Honesty is not a fact, it is just a communication. It can be something that feels close to your heart, or an experience that speaks to you. Honesty can be very arousing, because it has a way of tickling people in many different ways, that mostly depends on what a person is willing to hear. If a person has spiritual needs, then they will listen to spiritual honesty. If a person has relationship needs, then they will listen to love honesty. And if a person is filled with anger or bitterness, then they will cater to that honesty. But do not make the mistake of thinking that honesty means factual. A person’s honesty can be factual, but facts actually have very little to do with feelings. Facts have to do with knowledge and mechanics, which is why people who are attracted to facts always have very mechanical brains. Feelings are emotive and much like honesty, they are only true to the degree that they feel real. If a person is sincere about honestly loving you today, it does not guarantee that he or she will honestly love you tomorrow. Feelings can change, they can start to feel unreal, or unsatisfactory, at which time the “honesty” of the experience changes. Honesty is dependent on where a person is at any given time, which is why it isn’t as deceptive as some people think. If your feelings can change, your honesty can change. Honesty is not something that is set in stone, it is like a river or a tree…it moves, it feels. If you are happy now, then your honesty will be happy now. But if you become sad, then your honesty will also be sad. A person’s honesty is an extension of their own reality. dwp

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