The Highroad

They say it is best to take the highroad, or to choose your battles with care. And some say that it is not wise to “cut off your nose to spite your face” which means that you shouldn’t engage in any act that will ultimately hurt you more than it will hurt anyone else. This makes great logic mathematically, but it is not always so easy to implement, because people can be extremely narrow-minded, or insensitive, or just filled with self-serving anger, or bitterness. I refuse to accept that the world is cold and cruel, but this is not to say that I don’t realize that these experiences exist. It is to acknowledge how truly wonderful and special it feels to rise above them. As Michelle Obama says: “We don’t do the gutter”. There are times in life when we just have to lift ourselves to higher places, even when the people we love can’t, or won’t. The quality of a person’s life is determined by how one lives. In other words, one’s character is not decided by the battles that are won, but by the amount of battles he or she is able to resist.  Any fool can fight, be mean, or ugly. There is no difficulty with exercising this kind of behavior. But it takes a pretty extraordinary person to stand down for the sake of calm, quiet, and peace. dwp

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