Not of God

I have a long time friend who calls himself a man of God, who practices the teachings of Jesus, and therefore views himself as a real Christian. But he hates liberals, their politics, gays, lesbians and same sex marriage. This guy hates, and negates every religion except his own. He hates progressiveness, and regards social evolution as nonsense. He demonizes any literature that isn’t Biblical, insisting that if something isn’t scripture, it isn’t true. But what this friend of mine never stops to realize is that Jesus was a lover. His whole life was about love. He preached it, and lived it. He loved unconditionally. He was broadminded. Jesus taught us that love is the way, and that we cannot survive without it. That was his message. Hatred, bigotry, and misogyny are wicked and evil. So you must either be kind, thoughtful and loving, or not. You cannot be both. No person can be so full of hate, and also of God. dwp

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