Trash Media

While mass media reports, as they do, repeatedly and persistently, on the seemingly daily acts of terror that incubate around the world, they succeed in little more than escalating more fear, and terror. Not only is the media providing what used to be considered fifteen minutes of fame, these days they are making people famous. And so what they are doing in effect, for purely sensational purposes, is using their means of propaganda to sell the idea, and fear, of terrorism. In the most horrifying and gruesome way, they report and portray the deaths and torment of untold numbers of people on a regular basis, almost as if on a schedule, they feed people their systematic dose of fear. An act of terror happens someplace in the world, and some number of people are killed, which is awful, but then the media takes over, and continues to kill any potential for some inkling of inner peace by scaring people half to death; this is done to a population of hundreds of millions, by weighing so heavily on their freedom, and by creating a vision of the world of such enormous gloom. This is journalism. And it is reported over and over again, the same images continuously, on every television channel and radio station on the planet. It is on the front pages of every single newspaper, not because there isn’t any other news, but because the fear mongers and terror gluttons are gobbling it up. So how surprising is it really, that these incidents keep recurring? No matter how hideous or dreadful the event, the public cannot stop itself from being glued to each and every ghastly detail. Surely there must be something wrong with this picture. But it is not the media alone. They are feeding an urge in people, an unconscious urge to mourn and feel great sorrow. What is to be said about a world that is so attracted to atrocity? Terrorism is not interesting. It is not something to feed on. It will not contribute to your happiness. And the gluttony of it certainly will not help. Gluttony is a sin. There is no way to ingest such a constant influx of catastrophic events, and remain healthy. And the more attention these catastrophes get, the more they will continue to happen, because many people are presently feeling very unattended to. Each and every incident is attracting more and more lunacy, of which the media is the advertisement. They are not discouraging these awful acts, rather they are the trigger for them. They do this by giving them so much energy. The media stimulates and inspires terrorist behavior. And the public falls for it like a ton of bricks. I am not suggesting in any way that news-worthy acts should not be reported, what I am suggesting however, is that hateful news should not be stuffed down peoples throats as though they were impotent little goats. dwp

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