Systematic Racism

I will have confidence in police officers when they demonstrate confidence in me. I will praise and honor police officers when I see evidence that they honor their authority; not some of them, but all of them. I am not impressed by some. I am not impressed by a society of men where some people want to lynch me, and some who don’t. The reason why America is not great is because it is built not only on the backs of slaves, but on the mentality of slave owners. And this is the problem today. How should I be seen for who I am in a country that has never in its entire history been blind to race? Oh yes, they will allow you to be here, and slave for them, but you will have to fight like hell to have what they do. And this precedent has been set not by friends, but by foes; understand that. No, I cannot and will not accept a social or political regime that is systemically racist, and sexist. No, I cannot be blind about America, that while she praises herself to the hilt, is inferior in many ways, to many other countries. She is inferior because she is blind, and unable to accept, or discuss, who she really is: an obvious inclusion and infusion of gross inequality; such that no matter how much the people want equal rights and justice, and protest for it, this is not the American way. She is built on inequality. That’s what “Let’s make America great again” means. They would rather things go back to the days when everything was under their control. I do not believe that America’s problems are as rooted in her people as they are in her system. But the fact is that America is inherently racist. She always has been. And nothing is going to change in this country until people come to terms with this self-evident, unsettling torment. dwp

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