Questioning Authority

There is a certain population of White police officers in America that seem to be hunting down and assassinating Black males, but what they do not seem to realize is that there is a much larger population of Black males who are armed just like they are, and are as such just as able to hunt them down. So for those of you who favor the 2nd Amendment, welcome home folks. America has roughly 320 million people that owns 300 million weapons. And in this climate of fear and gross injustice, people are tired. And why wouldn’t they be? How many Black people do these murderous police think they can shoot down and kill before people set out to retaliate? If they are going to kill Black people just for being Black, then Black people are going to kill them, just for being Police officers. This is what is meant in the book of Exodus in the Bible where it says “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Those who take lives, will have their lives taken. What is sad about this situation is that the one million or so police officers in the USA, are now going to feel like they have targets on their heads, and they should. When Issac Newton said that: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” this is what he meant. Or if you prefer, “The chickens coming home to roost.” In any event, two beautiful young Black men were deliberately shot dead like they were animals in two different states in the last 24 hours; one of them in front of his 4 year old daughter and fiancé, and as a result, in response to this action, twelve White police officers were hunted down and shot last night by snipers, five of whom have died.

So my thinking is that while everybody is crying & praying for these officers, they better start doing the same for the two brothers who had their lives viciously and mercilessly taken from them, and their families. This is not a one way street. It is just as brave and courageous being a Black male in present day American society as it is to be a cop, and people better wake up and realize this. I have sympathy for all lives that have to end in horror, fear, and senselessness; but none that are any more valuable than any other. dwp

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