As an energy, love is omnipresent; it is everywhere. It is the moon, the sun, the oceans, the trees, and flowers. Love is God. It is the very fiber of each and every living being, but do not think this means that love isn’t selective; there is nothing that is more selective. As an energy love is for the taking, but as a relationship, it is not. Love will only knock at one’s doorstep but a few times in life, providing you are very fortunate, and also very prepared. It will not continue to flow on and on as like a fountain. Only god’s love does that. Human love is not so sophisticated. It is conditional, and repetitious, and dependent. So do not be too quick to dismantle what used to thrill you, because mortal love is terribly imperfect and not promised, which means that the probability of love treating anybody any differently than previously, is slim…because while love is a constant influx of change, this isn’t true of people. Human beings are in the habit of doing things the same way, which is the very reason why love is never written in stone, or guaranteed.
Love is like a tremendously beautiful star, sparkling behind a veiled sky; a ubiquitous fragrance for any person’s undertaking, unless of course, there is some other preference. The generosity of god is the gift to unleash oneself from whatever stands in love’s way; whatever bewilderment, or uncertainty, that prevents you from seizing the ocean of love that is calling you. dwp

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