The Magic of Love

Love is not institutional, it is magical. The way that this can be known is by observing the fact that no institution on Earth resembles love. There is one here or there that pretends to, like marriage or religion, but the truth is that love is magical. It is an experience. So there is no way to institutionalize it. The more people twist love into a commitment, responsibility, duty, function, or obligation, it is apt to suffocate and die because love is freedom. That is how it manages to be magical. When people meet, and they are so beautiful together, the reason why they can naturally ascend in love is because there is no interest in possessing one another; nobody has started to think about commitment or enslavement yet. This is when love feels magical. It is able to breathe, feel alive. Love should not feel like a pretzel, or a puzzle that needs to be figured out. Love is a joy. It is liberation, and also liberating. Love is an emancipation of togetherness. The magic of love is learning how to be alone together, because then you are not addicted or dependent. You are happy with your beloved but you are also happy without him or her, because no matter how the cake is sliced, two people cannot and should not make the attempt to be one. dwp

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