The Authentic Idiot

Idiots are very special people. They have a charm about them that is rare, and even attractive. Some folks like idiots just because there are so many of them; they are so usual that it is almost unnecessary to learn how to behave with a non-idiot. And there is something else that’s interesting about idiots, which is that as long as you are also an idiot, it may never occur to you that you are surrounded by them. Idiots generally like other idiots. So it is a good idea to keep this in mind when you are sizing up your friends. And idiots can be lovable too. They can have families, and make more idiots just like themselves. Idiots may not be intelligent, but they are very durable people. They have the same interests as everybody else. I once knew an extremely beautiful sexy idiot, who thought it would be fine being idiotic since she was so beautiful. Beautiful idiots are especially unique because their beauty is the condition that causes them to be so idiotic. Idiots are very original too. Sometimes people are only willing to give credit to the wisest of them all, but it isn’t fair. It takes a mind-boggling talent to be mindless, and not every idiot can do it. Because to be a truly successful idiot, you must believe everything. And in order to believe everything, you must never disbelieve anything. And only idiots can do this. It is a very difficult task, non-idiots cannot perform it. Nobody realizes it, but there are many skills that are reserved only for idiots. So let us not be judgmental. Let us not think too critically upon those who might very well be who we ourselves are. dwp 6/16

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