Please Please Please

Desire is the root cause of all unhappiness; the reason why is because the moment you have whatever it is that you want, you will again start to desire something else. This is the nature of desire. It keeps you seeking forever and ever for another thing to want, so you never achieve peace. And it does not matter how wonderful your desires are. All desire is the same; they all result in chasing after yet another desire. The more we desire, the more miserable we will be because desire itself means that you are not content where you are. Happiness means acceptance; it is the act of accepting every person and situation as they are, because nothing can be done about anything. No matter how much we want something to be another way, it won’t be. There will only be more and more misery. Desire is like fools gold. It sparkles for a short time, but then it turns ugly and gray. The dream is gone. It’s smelly and tasteless. So you will have to find yourself another desire, something that will sparkle again. This cycle can go on and on for a whole lifetime, without a person ever realizing that the problem is actually not fools gold, but the desire of its sparkle. dwp

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