The Pulse of Insanity

While the mass shooting that occurred yesterday in Orlando was the worst in American history, it was not the first; that while this particular event was executed by a man of Muslim decent, let us not forget that several of these terrorist tragedies have been carried out by Christian madmen, or by people of no religious affiliation. In other words, the problem is behavioral. It is not limited to any one kind of person, type, or religion. The important thing to understand about mental illness is that it doesn’t discriminate. It is a social affliction, like any other social disease. Such behavior is not unusual. It can be seen anywhere on Earth. The plight that these occurrences are having on society is not going to go away by eliminating ISIS or any other special kind of group because they aren’t the problem. The problem is clear and simple. It is the availability to military assault weapons over our counters. If we lived in a sane world, perhaps an argument could be made to have a registered handgun in our homes for family protection. But an AR-15 sub-machine gun that fires 700 rounds a minute? That any adult can just go to a weapons store and purchase? For what purpose? Why would anybody need such a thing, unless their intent was to massacre people? Nobody seems to have a clue about this ever so troubling question. The people are desperately seeking solace right now, as our hearts are feeling so heavy, and hurt. There is no more time to be angry, fearful, or even inquisitive; or to complain about our innocent getting gunned down. It is time to know what must be done. As the election grows closer to November, make sure that the people you are voting for are committed to shutting down the NRA; who will ban the sale of assault weapons, and recall those that have been sold. Make your voices and votes heard. If politicians are not dedicated to protecting the lives of our loved ones, then they are unfit for their offices, and should be permanently removed. dwp

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