In The Long Run

The reason why fear can be defeated is because fear is created; it is only a decision that one makes. In the same way that it comes into one’s life, it can leave. But it is different with hurt because unlike fear, hurt has a creative purpose; just because it doesn’t feel good doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Hurt is as vital and natural as happiness or joy. All things exist as they should. The intent of existence is to guide & prepare us to evolve to greater heights. Hurt is not at all meant to be a disturbance, but rather a friend. When it is interpreted with clarity, it is beneficial. Hurt exists to help people improve themselves, to smooth the rough edges, especially since tough times are so certain. And we must learn from them. It is not easy, but in the long run, I know that I must accept that which is inevitable in life, trusting that hurt is only temporal; and that through it, I will be lifted to tremendously beautiful plateaus. D.Prideaux

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