The People’s Choice

People live in fear because they are controlled by pain; pain is the master of fear, which is why people will do almost anything to avoid feeling it. Nobody likes fear, but it is more tolerable than pain. If a better option were known, nobody would choose fear, but since it is now so common, it has become the people’s choice. Pain and fear are the two greatest masters; they control every decision that a person makes. Whenever there is a situation, you must first determine if the resolve will leave you safe, because if there is a chance that you will have hurt or pain, you must figure out another plan. Humans are so uncomfortable with hardship that they don’t want to have anything to do with it. They have the idea that life would be better without it, but what they do not understand is that hurt and pain make people strong, and mature. If a person does not experience discomfort, how will they develop? This is why we should never fight with life. Whatever is, is good. When people stop fighting with existence, and how things are, they become the masters of themselves, as well as realizing that nothing ever needs to be under anybody’s control. dwp

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