The Question of Answers

If you ask a question, you will need to have an answer; and if you ask another question, you will need yet another. The fact is that questions require answers. The moment you ask something, you will not be able to rest until you have the answer. This is the grief and anxiety of the human dilemma: Mind. It is always desiring to know something; to have an answer about this or that, never ever realizing that the moment the answer comes, there is another question. There is no peace, no possibility to relax because there are too many things to know. And if all I am doing is continuously asking and asking, what is the point? Knowledge begins to look over-rated, in that when is there satisfaction? The act of asking and answering questions illustrates how people are perpetually playing with themselves, glued in a grotesque preoccupation of profoundly unimportant matter. The truth is that there are neither questions or answers. There is only reality. And for that which is not real, there is no question. It is the art of diversion, and it works masterfully, but never on the masters. The more you can be diverted, the less you will be at peace, and the less will be your clarity. You cannot know something by asking something. They did not discover that the Earth was round by asking, they realized it when they didn’t come to an end and fall off. So it seems better to simply resign oneself to the natural flow of knowledge; to the awareness that life is the most meaningful teacher, and that the only way to learn about her is to experience her. dwp

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