Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s are the goddesses of love; the nurturers, the spirit of sensitivity, and affection. Mothers are tenacious; her strength is in her ability to understand, to find a way to conquer adversity for the well being of her children, even when there is no way. Being maternal is a creative task. It requires adjustment and real flexibility because a child is able to do and or be anything. Children are so full of possibility these days that a mother has to be willing to endorse those possibilities unconditionally. They do this not because it is easy, but because she is a creature of her heart. It is her nature to love. Motherhood fuses and bonds a woman to her children in such a way that they become one. If you are happy, she is happy. When you are good, she is good. Her ultimate concern is that you are healthy and safe. Mothers are God’s source of nourishment; they nurture not only their own biological children, but the entire Earth. 

I dedicate this note to my indescribably loving Mom, who has taught me what it means to love, and be loved; that it is not a given, but a gift; and that it is not just a value, but truly valuable. My mother devoted her life to teaching me that love is a treasure. And in so doing, became a beautiful treasure herself.

Thank you Mom, for showing me the way in such a masterful way.

Happy Mother’s Day! I Love You Mom!!! Your son, Douglas

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