Coming Home

It dawned on me this morning that I am absolutely alone in this world; that despite there being many other people, I am completely by myself. It was at that point when I smiled, and delighted in the realization that I have had this feeling almost my entire life, not however wanting to own it; that is, until now. When this somewhat unsettling acknowledgement  embraced me, penetrating the fragility of my innermost barriers, I understood something immensely beautiful. I knew in that moment that I had finally come home. dwp

3 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Robert Schenck

    WOW! You are totally moving into to truth! We, each of us, is totally alone; we are all together in our aloneness. Freedom is there in our aloneness and it is nowhere else. If we are not free it is not because of anyone else; it is because we imprison ourselfs although we blame others.

  2. Yes. Apart from one’s own doing, there is no possibility to enter into imprisonment. Freedom is a natural equality, it cannot be taken away. In my aloneness, my god given liberties speak to me; they keep me in good company, in warm loving company. I am no longer afraid. My aloneness is my friend; a traveling companion, though this most glorious life!

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