A Beautiful You

Life has an unbelievable amount of things to be learned; the possibilities are so unlimited that you can even learn things that you don’t want to learn. I can remember when I became interested in learning; it was not because I wanted to be smart, it was because I was curious. Everything looked so curious to me that I began yearning to know what it was all about. I wanted to understand the ins & outs, and formal education wasn’t doing the trick for me. In fact, it added to the confusion by telling so many untruths and lies. The thing that makes life remarkable is that it is so incredibly limitless; and everything and everybody that’s here is perfectly ok. Nobody has to go anywhere, or change, or be any different. The lesson to be learned in this world is that we are able, and we are going to co-exist. Co-existence does not mean happiness, it is a collective togetherness. We have been together for many centuries, even millennia, and we will continue to be together because in ways unknown to us, we love each other. We are survivors. We are warriors. And we are proving it to ourselves everyday. We are not a path to defeat or destruction, but towards learning and evolving. We are preparing for a generation of excitement and brillance, that will surely supersede the stupidity of the world as we have known it previously. And it is a very beautiful thing; learning is always a very beautiful thing…it is beautiful because it gives birth to a brand new you. dwp

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