The Look of Love

Love can be experienced everywhere in the world, except when people expect it to be something that it isn’t. Love is not a person, love is what happens to a person. That’s why you can’t own it; it’s not tangible. Love is like a tremendously desirable flower, that you can’t have. And that’s the problem. Everybody wants to have it, keep it for themselves, and enjoy it, without realizing that the moment you try to possess it, you lose it. Love is only an experience, so there is no possibility to preserve it. You cannot even take a picture of it; it is so fleeting, that to just have a glimpse of love you must be in a meditative state, which only happens when one gives oneself completely to love, and does so with only one agreement, which is to expect nothing. I have noticed that love doesn’t do anybody any favors. It won’t come to you because you’ve been a good boy or girl. Love is what sparks love, which means that it is pointless to try and find it in somebody. In fact, there isn’t even any point in looking for the love spark, because it won’t add up to anything. The idea is to nurture so much love in yourself, that the ecstasy comes looking for you. dwp

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