Donald J. Drumpf

It is obvious by now that the best thing that can happen is that Donald Drumpf wins the Republican nomination. If this happens, which is more than probable, the Democrats win the Oval Office, as well as taking back the Senate, as well as more likely than not, putting an end to the modern day Republican Party as it has been known to us. So Donald Drumpf isn’t a bad guy. He is doing all our dirty work. He is potentially putting the people that we’ve been sick and tired of for many years, out of office. All the people that Democrats and Progressives have complained about for ages are now trembling in their boots because of the Donald. Without anybody realizing it, this guy who everybody is hating on, is the greatest blessing that could’ve happened, because he cannot win this election; it’s impossible. But what he can do, and what he is doing, is putting a permanent end to everybody’s headaches. There’s no reason to hate this guy. We should celebrate him, and the superb work he is doing for America. dwp

I’m making a prediction: Hillary R. Clinton will be our next President in 2016.

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