Superiority and Privilege

The concept of superiority and privilege is ridiculous and idiotic, and the only thing the discussion succeeds with is creating racism, hatred, and bigotry. Nobody is superior to anybody, unless of course in some ways, they are. For example, Muhammad Ali was a superior athlete and talent. Rumi was a great poet; Socrates was an extraordinary philosopher. Buddha was a great master. If a person is superior, then that is simply what they are, and there is nothing to do about it. Ray Charles was a superior musician. Some people are just better at what they do, and their superiority cannot be removed from them, nor should it be. The concept of superiority does not demand inferiority. It does not mean that just because I am unable to produce a Monet, that I am unable to be an artist. I can be artistic in ways that Monet was unable. We are all unique; we have our own talents and skills. Nobody is superior, and nobody is inferior. Sometimes people have privileges that other people do not have, but this does not make them superior. It means that they have carved out certain benefits for themselves and their lives, that other lives will not have, as a result of not carving those things out. It has nothing to do with race, which is not to say that racism and or discrimination doesn’t exist. It is to say that if you want your life to be qualitatively superior, you have to create that for yourself. The people who come from “privileged” families still have to work to maintain that sense of privilege. And often, privilege can be a great burden. Buddha renounced his entire kingdom and became a beggar because he knew it was not going to contribute to his enlightenment. Privilege cannot be a gift, it has to be earned. That’s why it cannot be taken away. You cannot take Muhammad Ali’s greatness away because it belongs to him, he has earned it. That which has simply been given is not a privilege, it is just something that can be taken. There is no way to have privilege unless it is achieved through great effort. That’s why privilege is a privilege. The reason why it is not for everybody is because everybody is not willing to earn it. This is why when you encounter people who have the idea that they are superior, or privileged…just because they are, you can know with certainty that they have extremely small brains, with very little potential to use them. dwp

2 thoughts on “Superiority and Privilege

  1. robertdschenck

    Everyone has talents but they are latent and not developed because socialization only supports certain talents and may even punish others. When humans stop using reward and punishment to encourage and discourage certain talents many talents will develop that are surprising and unexpected.

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