Adam’s Enticement

The reason why God made the female anatomy so enticing was to make sure that Adam wouldn’t be able to resist Eve; they were said to be in the Garden of Eden, where there were actually no apples at all, as it says in scripture, but there was a tree of knowledge of good and evil, which warned of the first and most dreadful sin of all, the flesh; which is odd, because the tree of knowledge was there to teach about good and evil through a fruit that was for some reason forbidden. Why would God forbid His beloved children from knowing about good and evil? right and wrong? The Bible says, “No temptation shall overtake you in such a way that is not common to man. God is faithful, and He will not let you be tempted beyond your ability.” This seems confusing. First He makes woman as irresistibly and wonderful as possible, but then men will be cast into eternal hell, and or suffer in this world as a perennial sinner, if they yearn to be close to her flesh. All this as they insist that her temptation will not be troubled beyond a man’s ability; oh really? Beyond what ability? What was Adam supposed to do? It wasn’t he who created sin. Sin wasn’t originated by Adam eating an apple, it was created and is being enforced by man, as a mechanism of control. It is obvious because everything that people love to do, is a sin. That’s how it can be known. Contrary to popular belief, Humankind is not supposed to live in restraint, as though they are in detention. God wants people to be happy; live blissfully, in celebration of their lives, in a way that feels heavenly. No reasonable loving God could ever ask His or Her children to view themselves as sinners, because sin is death. And every piece of evidence points to, and reveals the truth that eating from the tree of knowledge is a good thing; Even in recognition that it contains both good and evil is not a problem, as life itself also contains them. It is for this reason that I am unwilling to accept the concept of sin, because if I did, there would no reason to continue being alive. If God sends a very special loving experience into my life, I must trust that she’s been sent with His blessings, and his consent, for she and I to play with each other. She was sent not to torture or punish me. She comes to love me, and to be loved by me. And I will receive that gesture of love ever so graciously, and joyously. dwp

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