Getting Trumped

Donald Trump, after eight months of campaigning, finally showed a brief sign of intelligence when he decided that it would not be a good idea to tangle with the Pope, who said he wasn’t a Christian person. Mr. Trump became furious and enraged, until the soft spoken Pontiff reminded the people that a Christian is not a brand, but a behavior; and that as long as Donald insisted on being abusive, unkind, and brutish; he could not be viewed as a Christian because his deeds weren’t any that Jesus ever exhibited. It was not an attack by the Pope, it was simply an observation by him. If a person would like to be viewed as a Christian, they have a responsibility to behave like one, and that was the Pope’s intent. It was interesting though, because Trump is so used to feeling attacked, and fighting back, that he didn’t even realize; He didn’t realize until the Pope pointed it out that he actually isn’t a Christian, he is a person who calls himself a Christian. Thats why the “feud” between them ended so quickly. Donald Trump isn’t even good at faking Christianity, and so they decided that this dispute was not a good one to have, as the terrified Evangelicals still need to believe that Trump is one of them. The Pope said it as beautifully as I’ve ever heard it said: Christianity is a walk with Jesus. And it is only those who truly desire to walk in the shoes of Jesus that should grant themselves the privilege to be referred to as a Cristian. I think this was an awfully significant interaction between two different men of two very different ideologies. dwp

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