The Language of Love

She asked “Doug, as a world traveler, what languages have you learned to speak?” I said, I speak LOVE, the best and most effective language in the world. I went on to explain to her that I have met people…men and women alike, who didn’t speak a single word of English, nor did I their language, but because it was the will of our hearts, we connected and became great friends, or beautiful lovers. People just don’t realize; speaking other people’s language isn’t nearly as important as most people think, what’s important is that their hearts are in the right place, that they have the inclination and will to feel one another. So she asked, but in the hierarchy of human needs, love doesn’t pay the rent, big guy…so what about that? I said: there’s nothing that’s worth more than love, so who cares about bills? People spend their whole life paying bills and never, not even for one single day, experience love. Where I come from, that’s the definition of insanity. As important as it is to pay bills, it cannot be more important than love, because love is our life source. It is the innate force that makes people feel like being alive. Paying bills doesn’t do this. The point is that when love is in place, no other language in necessary; when people are communing with each other, there is no higher grandeur. God is Love. dwp

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