Hear Hear!

The reason why the news is interesting is because it communicates tragedy, and tragedy is always fascinating, that’s why the worst possible news is the news that sells the best. Every now and then, they stick something in that’ll bring a little smile…something to make you feel good for a minute or two, but the main purpose is to depress you. The psychology is this: that as soon as you become aware of how terrible it is with everything else, how awful it is in everybody else’s life, in everybody else’s country…you will feel better about your own situation. You will think, “well, at least I’m not that fucked up.” It’s very clever. The problem with it is that you never get around to realizing how wonderful your life is because you are always comparing yourself to people that are living in a world of stupidity and ugliness. This is what they mean by propaganda: it is a purposeful act to distribute a biased point of view with the sole intent to mislead the masses. Is TV entertaining? Of course it is! How could it not be? It’s nearly the most unbelievable thing on Earth! Will the news paper keep you occupied while you drink your coffee in the morning? Of course it will, but there’s something they aren’t telling you. These two things will also make you feel like jumping off the nearest bridge. They upset your peace and serenity. They distort and disturb the love in you. They interrupt your clarity, and natural flow. The media provides people with information in exchange for shutting down their intelligence. The sole ambition of media is to dull your right thinking senses. dwp

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