The Plague of Perplexity

They call evil good, and good evil. We are warned to be weary of men who speak with forked tongues; the problem is that people are no longer able to recognize who they are, or aren’t. We used to be able to do this, but they have not created such an app as yet, so there is no possibility. Just imagine, the time has actually come when people no longer have the skills to distinguish between good and evil. They don’t know which is better: for example, Planned Parenthood, an organization of people devoted to serving the needs of people, or the now indicted criminal for trying to mastermind a mean-spirited, inhumane disgusting plot against them. The people no longer know who’s worse: Trump or his Nazi followers, Palin or her circus believers, or the media and the hype of their admirers. The people are stuck in such a befuddled confusion that it has become difficult to know whether you’d be better off lost, or seeking direction… in a world where so little instruction exists. dwp

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