The Employee, and The Boss

The problem that people have with love is the notion that relationships and marriages are able to happen without first getting love’s permission. You see, love is the boss, and you are the employee. You cannot have the job unless the boss says so. You must qualify, and demonstrate that you are up for the task. Just because you desire love does not mean you can have it, any more than you can win the lottery simply because you want to. Love is the jackpot, and you must earn it. Love is for the people who are absolutely sincere; who want to totally surrender to it; not to the other, but to the commitment to love. There are too many people who think of love as child’s play, but it isn’t. And that’s why children don’t fall in love. Children are love, but children have little interest in love. Love is an adult thing. It requires maturity. And it also requires knowledge. If you are not knowledgable about love, how can you be in love. There are conditions to living in a realm of love, mostly because it is so superior to most everything else. The responsibility is a huge one, to protect your beloved’s heart. And the ego wants to control of this. And therein lies the dilemma; that love is neither concerned with ego, or control. Love knows not of such silliness, but of its truth, sincerity, and goodness. dwp

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