A Matter of Magic

There is no way to achieve magic without believing in magic.

It’s unfortunate that as good as magic feels, it is absolutely impossible to have it. Many things have tried and failed. The magical experience is the best, most wonderful, exciting feeling in the world, and you cannot purchase it, or secure it. There is no possibility of ownership. How can something of such beauty not be available permanently? The reason why magic cannot be yours or mine is because magic is something that happens between us, hence…it cannot be possessed. Magic is something that we create. There is no reason for any one person to have it because it is useless without another person with whom it will be created with. Magic doesn’t happen all the time, and it certainly doesn’t happen between all the people. It only happens now and then, between very special people. Magic is a specialty. It is a delicacy. And every ingredient has to be just right, which is why the desire for it doesn’t matter. You cannot create a magical experience with a person who does not know what magical is. dwp

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