The Beaten Path

The more I hear and see people making remarks of hatred and judgement, it is becoming sadly obvious that people’s hearts are in a very different place than the image of which they claim them to be. They are not true to their religious beliefs, to the God they say they love, or to peace. These God-fearing folks are starting to behave in ways that are just as scary & idiotic as the terrorists themselves. In fact, it’s becoming difficult to tell them apart. A decision has to be made. You will either be a hater, or you will be for love. But you cannot be both. You will either stand with the devil, or you will live with God. You cannot flip flop; being a hater today, and a lover on Sunday. That’s what people are trying to do. If somebody does a terrible hate-filled deed and you hate him to the core for doing it, you are doing the same thing that he is. You are hating. You are not any better or any worse. He is a hater, and you too are a hater. He is spreading hate, and you too are spreading hate. You are partners in crime. Jesus said only love conquers hate. And I think He had it right. dwp

2 thoughts on “The Beaten Path

  1. robertdschenck

    As I understand it Jesus loved all beings and demonstrated his love, on the cross, saying: “Forgive these people who are crusifying me; they know not what they do.” But, though he loved even those who crusified him, he did not love the deed of crusifiction; crusifiction is done only by those who “know not what they do.” When you know what to do you do not crusify. Those who crusify, those who hate, the deeds that come from their hate, are crimes and forbidden; whoever does such deeds is forgiven because “they know not what they do.” but their deeds are forbidden and are crimes. When their understanding arises they will not act in forbidden ways.

  2. I think you have it right, and I think Jesus had it right. The problem we’re experiencing today is that people do know what they are doing; they are aware of their hatred, and their anger. They should be forgiven only if they do not know. But people know! They are cognizant. They might be idiotic, but they are aware of their behavior. They are consciously becoming haters…not only towards the terrorists, but to anybody. Fear is spreading throughout the world like wildfire, and I think it’s making people do crazy things.

    I’m not sure that’s true Bob, that “when you know what to do, you don’t crucify.” There isn’t a lot of evidence of that truth in human history. What does knowing what to do (or what’s right) have to do with my feeling like crucifying you? or doing what’s right? People have been “crucifying” each other since the beginning of time, and they’re still doing it. They do it for many different reasons, none of which are necessarily rational or reasonable, and the crucifiers can know very well that they are doing a terrible awful thing, and do it anyway! Many deeds are forbidden and even more are crimes, but what’s that got to do with anything? The whole world is corrupt, and it’s always been corrupt. Only nature isn’t corrupt, and God, and love. The only chance for human beings is during their infancy, in their utter innocence. After that, they become corrupted. At which time, it seems to me, it doesn’t make a horses ass of a difference whether something is known or not known. People are doing whatever they want to do one way or the other. And if crucifixion happens to be somebody’s destiny, it’s their problem. Nobody cares about what is forbidden, or forgiven anymore. Their fear is too deep now. Before the people only had to worry about Jesus, but now it is much worse. Now they have the media, the Internet, AND Jesus!!! :))

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