Unconvincing Confusion

Police authorities are seeking a motive in the California massacre yesterday, but I’m wondering what they’re so confused about. This stuff is not new, and has actually been brewing for a very long time. I don’t know why people are so shocked. This behavior is an act of hostility and desperation. People are pissed off. They want their voices to be heard. And these kinds of events will probably keep happening until the people are heard. It’s like the old adage: You will only be able to beat a dog for so long before he’ll bite your hand off. The behavior we’re seeing around the world is deeply disturbing, but it is not without cause. Remember cause and effect? Action and reaction? Well, that is exactly what we’re seeing. People are acting out. They are tired of the lies, and hopelessness. There is a saying: “There is no person more dangerous than a man who no longer cares about his own life.” And it seems like that’s exactly where we are these days. So in my opinion, the only way that things are going to begin to change is to remove the politicians from power who are keeping guns in the hands of Americans, while they simultaneously endorse the anger and hatred that makes people want to use them both here, and internationally. So until people get out and vote the 44 billion dollar industry out of office, these incidents are likely to continue happening. If American’s want to have guns around, they should not be shocked when people are gunned down. I mean, what do people think assault weapons are for, giving hugs? America has been manufacturing these nuts here and abroad for ages. And they are not going to go anywhere just because they are no longer welcome. No, it doesn’t work that way. America is going to have to find a way to fix what they themselves have created. And the people must come together, and work with them. We must take a stand against the insanity that is being cultivated by this government before it’s too dark, and too late. dwp

2 thoughts on “Unconvincing Confusion

  1. robertdschenck

    Thank you for expressing what many of us have been thinking but only vaguely; your essay is clarifying and a pointer in the right direction.

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