Platinum Hug

A very dear friend of mine sent me a hug. When I received it, I knew in that moment that hugs aren’t purely physical things. Even though I couldn’t feel her body pressing against mine, I was nonetheless able to feel her warmth, which made me realize that while we all live in a world of cyber technology, where it is simply inconvenient or just not possible to feel each other…when people really want to connect with others, they can and do. As I once wrote: Love Knows Nothing Of Distance…

So as we grow closer to Christmas, which is supposed to be a day that celebrates a man who taught us that love is the greatest gift of all and the only thing that can save us. The reason why a hug is so special is because it means I Love You. So do not reduce the beauty, value, and generosity of your heart because they are the very best things you can possibly give. In the spirit of love, reach out and touch somebody’s hand, and make this world a better place, because you can! dwp

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