Karmic Shame

Thanksgiving is a day that was invented, or designed, to be thankful for what you have, when in fact it is a day that highlights the shameless behavior of a nation, America, whose inception is based not on discovery but on invasion, and rape, thievery, and murder. So if you are not an ancestor of the Native Indians, you are an immigrant or a refugee as we’re being called these days. Let’s use this Thanksgiving to finally get honest with ourselves, to thank the people who this country belongs to. Since we invaded it, and stole it, and did horrible things to the inhabitants of this land, should we not at least include in our prayers an apology, and ask their forgiveness? Thankfulness is rooted in the karmic understanding that things can, and must, change. dwp

One thought on “Karmic Shame

  1. robertdschenck

    Thanks to you for your clarity on this issue…healing of the crimes of the past can not happen until the terrible, criminal, behavior of the past is, at the minimum, aknowledged and understood.

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