The Grandeur of Fruits

It is said that a tree is known by the fruit it bears. Or, by his deeds a man shall be known. These two bits of insight have important validity, but they somehow imply negativity. In other words, their meanings seem to lean towards the idea of bad or wrong behavior; and that through this behavior a person can be known. When such verses start with the premise that certain behaviors are wrong, the idea of “right” behavior is born. This is an age old device that has been used to keep people separated from themselves, their truth, and the truth of others. Why is it that when we experience a wonderful very special person, these verses do not come to mind? Should they not also apply to beautiful people, that if somebody feels honest, or trustworthy, or loving…that one could comfortably assume that they are the bearer of their good fruits? I think so. What goes for the goose, must also go for the gander. dwp

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