Time’s Table

If I could re-live yesterday, I might change it a little bit. And if I could have a glimpse of tomorrow, I might redesign it. But since yesterday is the no more, and tomorrow is the not yet, the only possibility that seems available is to live right now, in the present. Even though this idea is somewhat understood, it is still very difficult to live in the moment because it is against the grain or nature of what everybody has been taught. If a person has a very special experience, they will sooner try to keep repeating that one lovely experience instead of creating new beautiful experiences. Similarly, when people have undesirable events happen in their lives, they can spend the rest of their lives attempting to prevent them from re-occurring. In other words, the emphasis is more on what has happened before, and what one doesn’t want to happen again, rather than living in the present. And there wouldn’t be a problem with this, except that neither yesterday or tomorrow exists. There is absolutely no possibility to visit either of these places. Life is the spontaneous. So if you are alive, you must be in the present, and behaving as such too. Because everything that has already been done, has already been done, and for that reason will not amount to very much simply being repeated. Life is most beautiful when it is new and eventful. dwp

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