Distant Peace

The reason why being at peace feels distant is because of the idea that it can be attained by thinking. Peace is for the taking, like any delicacy, but it cannot be enjoyed as long as the mind is present. Mind is the hindrance. The more you are identified with your mind, the less peace you will have, because they oppose each other. You must either be for peace, or for chaos. There is no possibility to be for both, much like you cannot be at the mountaintop and in the valley  simultaneously. A choice has to be made. People have been made to believe that their minds are very important; that a person cannot live without it. The purpose of mind identification is to addict people to darkness, and struggle. Peace happens by allowing the mind to rest, by disassociating with it, as you silence the noise inside, to re-discover your true inner beauty. Peace and mind are not together, which is why you cannot have peace of mind. You can only have peace from mind. Peace is only possible if you are free from your mind. Contentment comes as a result of becoming free from the mind’s control over you. dwp

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