The ruling came down high and mighty from the Supreme Court yesterday that will secure Obamacare for America’s people. And today, the highest court in the land has passed the Nationwide Gay Marriage Act, making it legal for same sex couples to marry, have children, etc. in all 50 states. Their ruling is that it is unconstitutional to deny gay and lesbians the right to love and wed who they wish to. What a day of great celebration this is for the fundamental rights of all the people of this country to have health care, and marriage rights. The Supreme Court has spoken loud and clearly; they have served the people, so I say hallelujah!! Gender freedom, and basic human rights is truly something to celebrate, for now all the people can bath in equality. I am so happy for the people who have waited so long for this day. It is a huge historic accomplishment for Barack Obama, his legacy, the USA, and for many millions of Americans. It is a super beautiful, supremely victorious, rainbow day. Amen! dwp

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